Tin-ifa Group Ghana Ltd.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Tin-ifa Group has contributed to the development of our communities in various ways through our subsidiary organizations and our affiliates.

We have conducted free computer training for people especially for women and girls.

We have organised free seminars, workshops and conferences just to grant access of information to all who need it. Affordability and accessibility to information is a strong way of bridging the gap between knowledge and ignorant people and we are happy to play to help with our quota.

We have sponsored intelligent but incapable students who pass but are financially unable to further their secondary and/or tertiary education.

We have conducted donation drives where we collect and gather clothes, books, computers and many other items and give them to the needy and to organizations.

We have as part of our passion drawn the agenda to increase awareness of:
Anti-pregnancy among teenagers
        Suicide Awareness
Domestic Violence Awareness
Tin-ifa will continue to set the example of giving back to society to make our lives better and richer. 
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